U3A Axarquia

25 Apr

This is Norma´s post….


On Sun, 22 Apr 2018, 20:30 , Norma  wrote:

“We, members of U3A Axarquia, and the social subcommittee of Judy, Maggie and myself, want to thank Tina and her U3A UK gang for having joined us today to celebrate Spring during their holiday in the Costa del Sol. A grand time was had by all. Thank you also to all who attended for making this first U3A Axarquia Spring Gathering such a success.

The party was a blast!!! A total of 40 folks attended including the 6 UK/U3A group; they were absolutely charming!! I already invited them to come back for the 2019 Spring Gathering!! Only one-no-show…; so not bad at all!!!!

The official photographer was Judy who went around catching revelers in action!!! Thank you Judy; I’m sure John will be delighted to get an ”illustrated” report!! And we look forward to view them all at some point!! Thank you also to Judy, Sue H. and Mike Carr for helping both before and after the event. It removed any stress I may have otherwise encountered without your support; and at the end about 6 people spontanously helped by removing any tables, chairs and tablecloths from the front entrance and returning the space to its original ”public street” look as we had to invade public property to accomodate that many revelers!! Roger and Mary will come tomorrow to pick up the table and chairs they generously loaned us for the occasion; as you could see, they were put to good use!!

And, the company was tops and very gracious, the food unbeatable and outreageouly yummy, beautifully presented, and abundant!! I plan to ask Gisela and Greta for their outlandishly delicious recipes!! Thank you to Maggie for whipping up a visual quiz to identify Spanish folks; it primed us for a little more involved one on Spanish culture. Our guests from UK surprised us with a mini quiz about some Spanish highlighs related to Irish culture. Dessert and a mini dance class followed; valiantly assisted by Tina from my dance classes; thank you Tina… By then, most of us were partied out and the UK group had to leave early as they were headed to Competa by Taxi; we were sorry to see them go…

And how very thoughful of Christine for presenting us an appreciative little note to thank us for such a good idea mentioning she hopes more events of this type will follow!!!

Again, thank you to all who came for making this first U3A Spring Gathering such a grand occasion; see you next year!! Cheers, nkk

PS: GASP!!! I just realized my spellcheck isn’t working…. Please fogive any spelling errors!!”

Awaiting photos…


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