25 Apr

Friday dawned bright and sunny…it´s hell living in paradise….

Pepe picked us up at 11.45 and we wriggled down the hill in the taxi to Sayalonga which has the only round cemetery in Spain. The steep slope up to the buildings of the vineyard was breath taking.  The vineyard is a typical Malaga vineyard… small – only an hectare.  It is not the sort of place where you walk around the vines…..

We were met by Rose who was our guide for the day…. what a lovely woman…and English!  There was a good mixture of Spanish, English and Scandanavians.  We had a tour of the vineyard, then sat down to a liquid lunch.  Lots of different wines…. and matching foods……The Malaga grapes  are nicely flavoured from minerals in the rocks and salt winds coming up from the valley below.  Rose stopped in mid sentence when a bee eater flew by  —- what a beautiful bird!

Unlike Rioja which is matured in American oak, the Malaga wine is matured in French oak which gives the wine a totally different flavour.

We ate and drank to our hearts content…. and were picked up by the effervescent Pepe and returned to Competa.

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